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Exciting, informative and entertaining Seminars and Keynote Speeches from the men who wrote "Semper Fi - Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way."

  • Leading the Rank and File (seminars designed for the new Manager).
  • Leading the Corporate Mission (seminars designed for Middle Management).
  • Leading the Organization (seminars designed for Senior Management).

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Learn How To:

  • Increase productivity and profitability, without capital investment or sacrificing quality
    Transform "paycheck loyalty" to mission commitment.
  • Inspire your workforce to represent the company every waking hour of the day.
    Instill a courageous attitude in your sales force!
  • Attract the top "recruits" - not necessarily those with the flashiest resume, but those who are drawn to the challenge of working for the best.
  • Make your "basic training" so renowned that it becomes an industry credential.
  • Create a company-wide environment of "mission readiness," in which negative attitudes and personal jealousies are considered by the workforce to be forms of sabotage.
  • Prepare all employees to recognize sexual harassment, rebuff it, report it - and to refrain from such destructive behavior themselves.
  • Prepare your female managers to confidently lead and excel in what many still view as a "man's world."
  • Build unbeatable morale throughout the company.
  • Discover why esprit de corps is not related to higher wages, increased benefits, or perks.
  • Banish the concept of "market share" from the consciousness of your workforce; their goal should be market supremacy.
  • Bias your employees toward Victory!

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Semper Fi:  Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way

Download brochure in PDF Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - Click link below

Read some keynote/seminar customer testimonials

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